Sell with Confinence!


  • Title remains in your name until you are paid in full. This is a structured buying agreement with a specified closing date. Closing is performed by a real estate attorney (at the buyer’s expense) for your protection.

  • A sizable and non-refundable down payment is required from all of our buyers. Buyers are vetted by a third party mortgage underwriter who uses traditional lending guidelines and are then enrolled in a mortgage readiness program.


  • There is no long term listing obligation and YOU have full approval authority over any and all offers.

Sell with the confidence of a great buyer, pay attention to a few key factors taht go into locating our buyers!


Little Pink Houses of America is a national real estate investment firm headquartered in Jacksonville Florida with affiliate offices throughout North America, Little Pink Houses of America has helped thousands of buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals. They are currently in 21 markets across the United States and have recently opened.


Little Pink Houses of America’s mission is simple we create homeowners. Their Executive Lease Purchase Program was designed to do just that while also allowing home sellers to maximize the return on the sale of their home.


If this program seems like a good fit for you please fill out the form on this page or contact us directly and let's see what PINK can do for you! 

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