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Selling Your Home?

When selling your home you have a lot of things to consider. One thing most people don't think about is the cost involved with selling your home. 

Sell your home. It's safe and stress-free. You can sell your home directly to us, or get receive a lucrative custom PINK sales plan. Either way, we streamline the process to make it easy and above all, it pays you more money than selling traditionally. 

Executive Lease Purchase

If you’re considering selling your home or you’ve currently got your home for sale, we thought you should know that there is another viable option to a traditional listing.


Depending on your situation, this other option could put a lot more money in your pocket. The fact is, it’s no easy task to sell your house. A lot of work goes into it: finding the right Realtor, staging, open houses, multiple showings, offers & counter-offers, and a lot of stress can happen too: nitpicky buyers, a long list of repairs (both before inspections and more after the inspections), an unstable real estate market, not to mention the time and cost that goes into the sale of a house.


The average listing commission today is 6%, and every buyer expects you’ll pay closing costs. Since you’re the one selling, if you want to consummate the sale, you will likely have to concede to paying a portion of the buyer’s closing costs. And that’s typically an additional 3%. So pair that with price reductions, selling fees, commissions, and paying the buyer’s closing costs, you’re losing out on quite a bit of money.


 On top of that, thanks to the “mortgage meltdown” and subsequent government regulations, getting a mortgage can be tough. Statistically, 80% of Americans cannot walk into a bank today and qualify for a loan, and most people can’t just put down 20% in cash for a down payment.


Even well-qualified buyers are turned down for financing all the time, and seemingly iron-clad offers fall through last minute, over-and-over due to funding issues more than any other reason. Seasoning requirements are often measured in years, not months. To sum it up, selling a house in today’s market can be quite challenging.


At Little Pink Houses of Canada, we’ve developed a proprietary sales plan, tailored for you that can sell your house fast and for more money. Typically we can give full retail value or close-to-full retail value but at a fraction of the cost (and time) of selling traditionally. This is made possible by selling your home through our Executive Lease Purchase Program!


If you can be flexible and can invest some time into your house, we may very well be able to maximize your return and move you forward towards your next chapter.

This sales option will typically bring you 10-15% more than a traditional home sale!


Conventional Sale

We also have the ability to sell your home conventionally.

While we specialize in "Executive Lease Purchases", the Buyers we work with are readily PRE-QUALIFIED for a conventional loan. 


That means we can "cash you out" without any terms.   You mentioned that you prefer to just sell your home outright.  We totally understand.  


Consider what this process entails:  

  • Managing the Presentation of the home with enticing Photography

  • Managing Inbound Calls and qualifying each and every Buyer before showing

  • Managing the copious amounts of Realtor calls trying to list your home

  • Managing Investor Calls with low ball offers

  • Managing showings with only eligible Buyers

  • Negotiating with Buyer’s Agent for the Best Offer 

  • Preparing the Closing Documents

  • Coordinating Closing with Attorneys


Most Sellers are not aware of the avalanche of work involved when it comes to selling your home!!! 


So, if you can be a little flexible on your price, we will take your home to our market of buyers and manage ALL of the above at




NO COST:  We do not earn 1 dime unless we sell your home.  In order for us to mutually benefit, we simply ask that you drop your asking price a little.  This allows us the room to benefit by selling your home at a higher price over and above our agreed price.


NO COMMISSIONS:  Yes, no commissions will come off the sale! And, we can typically get the Buyers to pay for their own closing costs, saving you another 3% to 6% off the sale price!


Please note that we are not agents or brokers. We have an agreement to buy your home and we get paid the difference on what we sell it to our buyer for.


ZERO RISK:  Our Agreement allows you to cancel with us anytime without a fee or penalty. You are not “locked-in” for 6 months!  It is written explicitly in our Agreement. 


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